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Sometimes, it takes an intuitive voice and the right outside perspective to guide you to happiness and health. Possetta, founder of Tonic Wellness Boutique, is that voice. On paper, she is a board-certified life coach, hypnotherapist, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), and timeline therapy practitioner with a degree from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York. In life, her devotion to natural healing has produced one of Los Angeles’s most unique centers for health and wellness. Behinds the scenes, she is a married mother of three — Possetta’s passion for a meaningful career has been inseparable from her devotion to love and family.

Possetta offers personal programs through Tonic for clients who wish to achieve peak performance and mental clarity. She works from the inside out, learning who you are in order to accompany you on your path to transformation with in-depth guidance and support for diet, nutrition, and lifestyle choices. Together, you will learn to listen closely to your body and mind to create your best self.

Possetta learned early on that if you want more out of life, you have to welcome change. It was during an otherwise happy childhood that a chronic hip injury at age 10 sent her in pursuit of deep health. Years of poorly-prescribed medications and surgery only intensified pain and anxiety. Having met the limits of modern medicine, she learned that healing had to come from within. She began to experiment with exercise and diet. She began to travel and gathered a broad knowledge base on nutrition and wellness regimens both ancient and cutting-edge. This led to her formalized education and training, which she soon put into practice with a robust roster of clients.

Seeing trauma and inflammation as the root causes of so many ailments and unhealthy lifestyles, Possetta understands that trauma can be unlearned and inflammation avoided. We live in an imperfect world, but this doesn’t have to sway you off course. Your emotions need to fluctuate — they’re your inner compass and part of what makes you a multi-dimensional whole person — but Possetta can help you develop a core level of health to get through every day with a positive attitude, in good times and in bad.

Everyone has unique needs — health does not come from a box and cannot be reduced to just diet and exercise. Instead, we must learn the languages of heart, mind, and soul and bring them into harmony. As a creative polymath who draws on many sources, Possetta will guide you to find true compassion for yourself and keep an open mind as you progress and grow. Together, you can re-tune your unique system back to its natural state of perfect imperfection. This is your definition of happiness and health. Possetta can do the work to help get you there.

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Coaching for Your Life, for Your Career, for Your Health & Wellness

Telephone coaching is the most popular method or if face-to-face coaching is your preference Skype video or FaceTime call will be our communication tool and if you're in LA, you can book your session in our wellness boutique coaching practice. Each session will be directed by you so focus can be made on what is happening in your life and which direction you wish to take. Each session will be a 60-minute conversation in a completely confidential setting.

  • Develop better relationships

  • Meet your goals

  • Emotional support

  • Clear vision

  • Self belief security in mind and body.

  • Balance your business and personal life

  • Fewer limitations

  • Remove blockage