Targeted Cryotherapy

After — or instead of — whole-body cryotherapy, we can physically
focus cryo treatment (outside of the chamber) in one of two ways.


cryoTHERAPY for the Face & neck

As a cosmetic treatment above the torso, focusing cryo for 10 minutes in the face and neck regions:

  • Boosts production of collagen
  • Boosts blood circulation
  • Fights wrinkles
  • Flushes toxins
  • Encourages skin cell rejuvenation
  • Reduces inflammation in the skin
  • Adds a healthy glow

CRYOTHERAPy for Injury

With a 10-minute treatment, cryotherapy can target specific areas to help to reduce pain and inflammation while increasing blood circulation. Commonly treated areas include:

  • feet & ankles
  • elbows & knees
  • wrists
  • neck & shoulder
  • lower back