About Us


Founder of Tonic Wellness Boutique, P.K. (Possetta) is also a board-certified life coach and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) practitioner, board-certified hypnotherapist and Institute of Integrative Nutrition Health coach. In brief, her number one passion is mind, body, and soul growth. The primary objective of Possetta's blend of health vitalizing program is the calmness of your mind and body. Her life's motto is to live it to the fullest while honoring your soul and physical body. She believes that everyone can be the best version of themselves professionally and personally daily !

Her devotion for health and human well-being is the driving force behind her new plush wellness business venture TONIC. Either you are an occupied urbanite, or a busy mother, or dedicated athlete or  just touring  L.A, Tonic is the place to love yourself, heal and recover. 

Vitalize your body with cryotherapy and infrared sauna with Rejuvenating LED Light Therapy sessions. The added benefits of  life and health coaching sessions, along with guided meditation sessions will make your mind a deep sea ocean of peace .