About Us


Tonic offers whole-body and mind rejuvenation. In minutes, the super sub-freezing temperature of cryotherapy will release a flow of oxygen and endorphins into your body. Metabolism goes up, calories vanish, and body-aches fade away.

 Our full-spectrum infrared sauna with LED light therapy harnesses the same energy you feel from the sun to heat your body from within. Not only does it relax you to the core, but it can improve cardiovascular health, stimulate weight loss and detoxification, treat chronic pain, and clear the skin.

 Then treat yourself to a lymphatic massage with our high-powered compression therapy to promote the body's natural toxin-clearing functions, boost circulation, reduce water retention, and keep your inner flow moving.

 To complement these services, we offer guided meditation as well as personalized, in-depth guidance for happiness and health by founder of Tonic, Possetta, who is a board-certified life coach, hypnotherapist, and holistic health coach.

 We offer everything you need to invigorate your life, all in one cozy and clean boutique where you will always feel at home. Come see us and get healthy.